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“Joker 2” may not have Batman, but there will be other villains

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Joker 2 will not be able to focus on Batman, but will instead feature other villains in Gotham City.

The Joker sequel was not originally planned. However, after the hugely successful results of the first film, Warner Bros. has begun thinking about making Joker 2. Todd Phillips, who directed the first part, is said to have signed on to write the script for the sequel. Whether or not the director will direct Joker 2 remains to be seen, but not impossible.

As Joker 2 appears to be in the early stages of production, no plot details have been revealed at this time. The first film ends with Arthur Fleck becoming the Joker. This is also the beginning of the story of Bruce Wayne’s origin after his parents were murdered. Although the meeting of these two characters is obvious, it is still too early for now. Instead, Joker 2 should continue to invest in the villains of Gotham City that the Dark Knight will one day fight.

Bruce Wayne is too young to be Batman in Joker 2


When the Joker movie introduced Bruce Wayne, he was only about 8-11 years old. If Joker 2 takes place a long time after that, bruce wayne can be seen at 20. So the movie will skip at least ten years of Arthur’s life. Speeding up Bruce becoming Gotham’s guardian would take away part of Arthur’s backstory. Although Joker sets the stage for Bruce’s journey, he is not the main character in this universe.

Joker 2 could be set a year or two after the events of the first part. Bruce Wayne is now only 12-13 years old, he is still too young to be a Dark Knight. Of course, that doesn’t mean Joker 2 can’t create the Gotham City DC fans know and love.

Joker creates a chaotic Gotham City


Although Arthur didn’t plan on letting this happen, he ended up being the hero of the bad guys. While the people of Gotham initially opposed the Joker, they eventually turned into rioters.

After the incident with comedian Murray Franklin on ‘Live!’ In the first part, a movement to support Arthur arose because of what he did. Although Gotham was bad at the beginning of the film, the chaos was pushed to a point when the city really started falling into the hands of criminals.

Joker 2 can launch different villains

batman-villains joker

Joker is possibly Batman’s most iconic villain. But there are still a lot of Bruce’s enemies that exist in Gotham City. In the world of the clown there are still countless enemies that have yet to be revealed.

From famous DC villains like The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, The Riddler, and Court of Owls all have great world-building potential in Joker 2. It wouldn’t be too surprising if Arthur’s actions influenced someone like Edward Nygma or Oswald Cobblepot to get them involved. criminal world.

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