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Lana Condor, star of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 3,” shares her candid thoughts on Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship!

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Lana Condor revealed her thoughts on the ‘end’ of the Lara Jean and Peter couple, is this a happy ending for the actress?

“To All The Boys I Loved Before” is one of Netflix’s best-selling movies of 2018. The film adaptation of Jenny Han’s best-selling YA novel has spawned a popular trilogy. With the participation of Lana Condor and Noah Centineo when transforming into a “young and old” couple, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, the two boys and girls are linked together by secret love letters. The story officially ended earlier this year continues the love story of LJ and Kavinsky must be ready to face long distance love when starting college, but the question here is whether they really accept and live forever. forever keep the love fire or not?

Lara’s feelings about the love story

Fans of the Netflix teen series – adults who have gone through high school and college will have more doubts about their lives. The rate of vibration and love at the young age of books will also happen sometimes, but not too much because they are adults now and have many things to worry about. Lana Condor gave her answer to the question “Does she believe her character will stay with Kavinsky after the end of the movie?”:

“I don’t think I’ll stay… People probably won’t like this answer but no no. I also think that when they go to college, they will try to be more serious. Of course it will, but in the end they choose to leave each other to have the opportunity to develop themselves more.”

Lana Condor

Long distance love is not an easy thing, especially when the university gate opens to a very wide world of options that are far different from when they were teenagers, so Lana Condor does not expect too much from LJ and Peter graduated together and went home together. But of course, “Always and Forever” also gave us an open ending, she finally decided to go to school in New York. Meanwhile, her boyfriend continues with plans to move to Northern California, where she had intended to go with him before changing her mind to fulfill her plans.

Even so, Lana Condor still has hope in the couple in All The Boys. In an interview with Us Weekly, the 23-year-old actress spoke in more detail about what she imagines coming to them:

“I always assumed they were together until the very end, so I believe they will meet again after college, like at work. I believe that when they grow up, when they enjoy life, both of them will be together for the rest of their lives. But I also believe that at some point they need a break.”

Lana Condor

The ending makes anyone who listens to it have to nod in agreement with what the actress wanted

Although we are talking about the characters in the movie, it seems Lana Condor is talking about the real side. Is it really too ideal for Lara Jean if her first and only boyfriend is Peter Kavinsky? We all grow up and have different experiences, college and our 20s are great times to understand what works best for us. Condor continued:

“I would love to see Lara Jean when she is 28. What will Lara look like then? And in my head I imagine she’s living in New York, maybe she’s a journalist or she’s writing because clearly books are something she loves and she’s immersed in. And, I want them to meet again after many years apart and then get to know each other when they are old enough. It’s my dream, but no one has come to me so it’s just a dream now.”

Lana Condor

Wouldn’t it be great? What Lana Condor has for her character to come true will be interesting. And it is possible that the actress continued to return to the role years later, after she and Peter had broken up, but somehow met each other and fell in love like real adults after they parted together. That’s a good idea! Will Netflix take notice of this idea? Wait for it!

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