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Star Jason Momoa and scriptwriter for ‘Aquaman 2’

by hay

The first ‘Aquaman’ ended with the terrestrial and Atlantean hybrid Arthur Curry finally accepting his destiny as the King of Atlantis and the savior of mankind. Now that the origin story is over, the sequel can explore the rich backstory of ‘Aquaman’ that came from the comics. Last year, James Wan explained that the sequel would be “a bit more serious. It will have something to do with the world we live in today.”

Wan is best known for his work in the horror genre by far, and we got a glimpse of that in ‘the Trench’ when Arthur and Mera are attacked by sea creatures. mutated and was dragged into the depths of the ocean. According to Wan, ‘Aquaman 2’ will push the horror level up several notches.

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