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Can a forgotten MCU character bring Vision back?

by Thor

The Infinity Stones were destroyed in ‘Endgame’, but if anyone has the ability to bring back the Soul Stone, it’s Adam Warlock. At the very least, he can bring back some version of it from another reality or timeline. After all, Adam is an entity from the universe and he has the power to make that happen.

Adam will likely be introduced to the MCU in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ or in some other Phase 4 MCU movie – so that Vision can be revived logically and without force. Bringing back dead characters is a thing that has been done a lot in the comics, but it would make more sense if Adam was the one to do it in the MCU. Partly because the Soul Stone is such an important part of this character’s backstory, and partly because it’s one of his main areas. It will also showcase Adam Warlock’s powerful abilities and establish his connection with the Soul Stone and the world within it, something that’s quite interesting as the Marvel universe continues to expand. many different directions.

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