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‘Cruella’ actor confirms movie will bring back a gay character?

by hay

Recently, more and more LGBTQ+ characters have been featured on TV shows and movies, but it seems that community representation in major studios is still quite scarce. Walt Disney Studios has also come under heavy scrutiny for its lack of diversity over the past few years, especially because of its lame efforts to bring in more gay characters in its main films. The newest LGBTQ character will be Artie played by John McCrea – this is a friend of Cruella de Vil in the upcoming Disney+ prequel

Set in ’70s London in ‘Cruella’, Artie is an antiques shop owner, befriending Estelle (later Cruella de Vil) thanks to their shared love of fashion. Actor known for starring in ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at the West End’, which is also getting an adaptation. When he was asked if his character really belongs to the LGBTQ community, he replied:

“Depends on who you’re asking, I suppose – but for me, yes, it’s official: he’s gay.”

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