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‘Doctor Strange 2’ reveals 4 new character designs?

by Thor

This promotional image may have given a glimpse of not only Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, but also the two other characters who will join the film’s storyline, Wong and America Chavez – the heroine La. Marvel’s first major elf. Considering her ability to control the Multiverse, Chavez could prove to be a key player in the plot of the Doctor Strange sequel. It is also speculated that the main antagonist of the film, Shuma-Gorath, will pursue Chavez because of this very power.

Another detail in this promotional design with interesting implications revolves around the star-shaped portal, which highlights the film’s Multiverse story, although much else about the plot remains to be seen. a mystery.

However, it is not too certain that this art design accurately depicts their costumes in the movie or not when they are gifts for the crew only. While they’re only slightly different from what they’ve worn before, fans may be intrigued by the first details on the costumes of these four main characters in ‘Doctor Strange in the Dead’. Multiverse of Madness’ before the movie’s March 2022 release.

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