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Dwayne Johnson Will Voice ‘Krypto the Super-Dog’ in DC’s ‘League of Super-Pets’!

by Thor

The Rock superstar will take on the role of “Krypto the Super-Dog” for DC’s upcoming 2022 League of Super-Pets animated series!

Dwayne Johnson has taken on the role of a super villain – Black Adam and now the actor will voice “”Krypt super dog” – Superman’s best friend in DC’s League of Super-Pets.

Seven Bucks Productions and he embarked on the project with Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia. The screenplay was written by Jared Stern, who also co-directed with Sam Levine. Warner Bros and Warner Animation Group said the voice actors will be famous stars to be able to complete the main and villain characters. Producers and executives include John Requesta, Glenn Ficarra and Nicholas Stoller.

Krypto originally appeared in Adventure Comics issue 210 in 1955. The super dog has since collaborated with other super animals associated with DC’s main characters, such as Ace the Bat-Hound and Topo, white. Aquaman’s pet octopus.

DC’s League of Super-Pets will premiere on May 20, 2022 and is the second DC project from Johnson, who will head Warners, and Black Adam will also be released two months later on July 29, 2020. 2022.

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