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Only true fans will notice these 12 ‘tiny’ mistakes in “Titanic”!

by Thor

Are you a die hard fan of “Titanic”? See if you can spot these little details!

There are classic movies, even though many years have passed, but still evoke strong emotions in the hearts of viewers. However, in the process of making perfect shots, filmmakers are prone to a few mistakes because they don’t always pay attention to the small details.

If you are a viewer with a “sophisticated” eye, you will certainly find it difficult to ignore these errors in the hit movie Titanic. As one of the “cinema monuments”, but Titanic is not immune to these flaws:

first.Moles change position

When watching Titanic, there is a point that is very difficult and very few people pay attention to. If you need a hint, it’s Rose DeWitt Bukater’s mole (played by actress Kate Winslet). Her mole is on the left side of her face as she prepares to board the boat; However, in the later passages, if you pay more attention, the viewer will see that her mole is on the opposite side.

2. The barrier magically reconnects itself?

In the first shot, Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) is standing close to his companion on the bow, and there is a clear gap in the middle of the barrier.

Later in the film, the two main characters, Jack and Rose, stand there together, where one of the film’s iconic moments is made. That scene is when Jack hugs Rose from behind and the two mingle in front of the sea breeze. But suddenly, the railings in this scene are no longer separated like in the previous scene, but have instead been joined together. Is it possible that the fence because of “bitter” eating when having to eat a dog, decided to “hug” each other? Or more realistically, they must have repaired it during the trip.

3. Mistakes in etiquette

Rose and her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater (played by actress Frances Fisher), belong to a wealthy, powerful class, so they must have known etiquette very well. In fact, on several occasions throughout the film, Ruth also insists that everyone around her should abide by those rules as well.

But it seems contradictory that in some parts of the film, she wears gloves to eat snacks, because this violates the rules. She should have taken them off before eating. Many people speculated that she forgot to do her nails or was it simply because she felt too cold?

4. A man from another era

A slight twist on the clothes of Cal Hockley (played by Billy Zane) while having breakfast with Rose. Surely everyone will remember this character because of his excessive jealousy and selfishness and tricks.

In this scene, Cal is wearing a suit, a pair of fancy shoes, but no socks. Meanwhile, socks are an inherent accessory to any outfit. This is not only true of such costumes today, but more importantly it influences the era in which the film is based.

5. The bracelet disappeared

Again, we can see a little bit of negligence here. First, Rose can be seen attending a very luxurious dinner with her mother. But because she was annoyed with the gossip around, she suddenly left the party. While exiting the ballroom, you can see that she is no longer wearing the necklace around her neck and she has let her hair out in a matter of seconds.

6. The scenes don’t match

Just a few scenes later, when Rose was about to do something foolish with her impulses, fortunately Jack appeared to stop her. But there’s one odd detail in this scene, and it depends a lot on the angle – is Rose’s hand holding her dress or is she holding onto the railing?

7. The blanket is used many times

There is one thing you must have missed, do you recognize it? This plaid blanket, if you remember, appears in several key scenes throughout the movie. It was first used by Rose after she was saved by Jack. Then, near the end of the film, an identical blanket appears and covers Rose after she is rescued from the sinking ship. Of course, in this second scene the blanket is already dry. She then covered her head so Cal Hockley couldn’t see her. However, this time, the color of the blanket has changed somewhat.

8. Item suddenly appeared

You probably remember the scene where Jack was unjustly arrested by the ship’s officers. Rose of course came to his rescue when she knew what was going on. But what the producers didn’t notice was that in the room where they were together, a blue pillow suddenly appeared behind them. Someone decided to take a nap on set?

9. Glass ‘renewable’?

In an attempt to save Jack, Rose runs around on the boat in search of something useful to her. Finally, after a few minutes, she discovered an ax. It’s in an emergency cabinet on the wall in a hallway. Interestingly, after breaking the safety glass to get the ax, the glass is miraculously recreated, as you can see in these photos.

ten. The rope defies gravity

One really interesting thing about this movie is that after the ship suddenly hit an iceberg, it started to sink from the bow, which is the front part of the boat. As a result, the stern is gradually raised. In other words, the strong inclination created from the front caused the rear of the boat to rise.

However, according to the law of gravity, everything should always fall in the direction of the object with the strongest attraction, in this case the Earth. But in this image you can see that the ship’s ropes appear to be tilted parallel to the earth. Although the manufacturer later paid more attention and corrected this mistake, you can see it in the second image.

11. No one noticed the sky.

Neil deGrasse Tyson – an astronomer commented on the wrong points of this sky. Suppose the manufacturer did not consider the date, route of the trip or the position of the stars seen in the sky that night. According to experts, the film depicts Rose and Jack on a clear, moonless night, which is incorrect if the ship in the film sank on the same day and location as the real Titanic. When the issue was discovered, the 3D re-release of the film immediately fixed it.

twelfth. Upper tape Jack’s nose automatically “melts”

Jack and Rose are left in the middle of the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean, where they both struggle to survive while waiting to be rescued. At the beginning of these scenes, the two are supporting each other and due to the cold, Jack’s nose is partially frozen. But a while later, when Rose tries to wake Jack up because the rescue team has arrived, suddenly, the ice melts too.

What other errors do you notice in “Titanic”? Share what you find in the comments!

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