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‘King of Horror’ James Wan reveals the ideas behind his movie titles

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Director James Wan recently explained how he produces popular horror series from The Conjuring to Insidious and The Saw.

James Wan’s Horror Filmmaking History

James Wan may be known for blockbusters like Aquaman and Furious 7, but it’s the early horror titles that bring so much success to the director. His debut, Saw, led to a long-running nine-part series. The entire series has so far grossed nearly $1 billion in worldwide gross. After Saw, he continued to direct Dead Silence in 2007. Followed by the Insidious series. With four movies released and two in the works, the Insidious franchise still has a lot of appeal to audiences, though.

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However, the series that brought the most success for James Wan could only be The Conjuring. With three main films and four spin-offs with various works, James Wan’s impact on the horror genre has been enormous. The Conjuring franchise has grossed nearly $2 billion worldwide. Therefore, the upcoming third film will bring in no small revenue.

The director’s secret to success

At a recent press conference, the director explained how he prepared for the creation of these hugely successful franchises. First and foremost, he finds the stories he wants to tell. By figuring out the characters he’s associated with and putting himself in the audience’s shoes, James Wan says it gives him the insight into the film that leads to success.


The director cites both Insidious and The Conjuring. Here are two examples in which there are protagonists that fans can relate to. That’s what he believes is the key to pleasing viewers. The director says that letting the audience put themselves in these characters’ point of view gives them the most chills and chills:

I just want to tell stories that I want to see as an audience member and tell stories about characters people can relate to. I believe that’s why, whether it’s Insidious or The Conjuring, the movie’s characters are so popular.

They are built on real images. Therefore, viewers become more immersed when watching the movie and the scary scenes suddenly become more and more scary. And so I think that’s the most important part. Putting the audience in the shoes of these characters helps me give them the craziest, most terrifying experiences.”

Next projects

Two James Want movies coming out this year, the Conjuring 3: The Devil Make Me Do It and Malignant promises to bring back the thrill and chills of fear to the audience.

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