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Will ‘Stranger Things 4’ be a time travel story?

by hay

The Clock in Upside Down has created various theories about how season 4 will tackle time travel – especially since season 3 has a few details related to ‘Back to the Future’. Because ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 is set in 1985 and ‘Back to the Future’ was the biggest movie release that year. Therefore, part 3 also has some details reminiscent of this movie such as posters at the cinema, or a large part of the final battle took place in the parking lot of the mall.

In the latest teaser, there is also a detail related to time travel, as there is a clock and hair-tick sound throughout more than half of the clip. There is of course the appearance of Dr. Brenner, who hasn’t appeared since Season 1, along with the lab, test subjects, and Eleven in a closed room – an event that must have taken place many times. previous year.

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