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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” – Why is Doctor Trang nonetheless carrying the Eye of Agamotto?

by Thor

The Eye of Agamotto and the Time Stone now not exist within the MCU, however Doctor Strange unexpectedly has his merchandise again in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, we are able to see Doctor Strange carrying the Eye of Agamotto, a mystical machine that acts as a vessel for the Time Stone. However, the final time the hero was seen with this medallion was in Avengers: Infinity War, when it was destroyed by Thanos. The Infinity Stones have been destroyed shortly thereafter, leaving Strange with little cause to hold the Eye anymore, except it served a bigger objective or was one thing extra mysterious than within the Spider-film- Man subsequent.

A decoy created to guard the universe

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The Eye of Agamotto that Strange was carrying could possibly be a clone created for tactical causes. Keeping a replica of the locket makes strategic sense, as few know that Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones. And by persevering with to create the phantasm that he nonetheless has the Time Stone, Strange can keep a powerful presence towards the MCU’s enemies. If it turned broadly recognized that the Time Stone was gone, nice threats like Dormammu would come to Earth, with Strange being very restricted in stopping them.

Have a couple of eye?

It might also be the case that the Eye of Agamotto is greater than only a container for the Time Stone. In the comics, the Eye carried by Strange is one in all three created by Agamotto – one for Truth, one for Strength, and one for Presence. So along with carrying the Time Stone, the Eye is a strong machine that Strange can come in useful in some ways, which implies he’ll proceed to make use of it in the meanwhile.

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As the Sorcerer Supreme, Strange is tasked with defending the universe from all kinds of mystical threats, a job way more tough with out the Eye of Agamotto and the Time Stone. However, by conserving a replica or utilizing the Second Eye, enemies will assume he’s nonetheless in possession of two of essentially the most highly effective gadgets within the MCU. And that is particularly essential whereas traversing the multiverse.

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