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“The Suicide Squad” Gave Harley Quinn Her Own Superpowers

by Thor

In The Suicide Squad, the DCEU provides Harley Quinn a brand new superpower, and that is not what followers are considering.

Harley Quinn has acquired her personal distinctive superpower in Suicide Squad. The beloved villain, spectacularly performed by Margot Robbie within the DCEU has at all times been a continuing risk all through the years to Batman and his crew, however superpowers are not often an essential facet. essential in her character. She has numerous powers within the manga, however in The Suicide Squad, she gained a complete new sort of energy.

Born an abnormal human, Harleen Quinzel is distinguished primarily by her genius-level IQ and memorable bodily dexterity – the results of years of gymnastics coaching. Even after changing into a supervillain, these are nonetheless her hallmarks. Harley has possessed numerous superhuman powers all through her numerous adventures within the comics, resembling when she drank a serum from Poison Ivy that reinforces power, agility, and reflexes. Harley, like many different characters in Batman, she has additionally by no means been capable of have a capability that’s her signature.

Now, The Suicide Squad may change that by giving Robbie’s Harley Quinn an appropriate new sort of superpower. Producer Peter Safran and manufacturing designer Beth Mickle modified Harley’s character, together with her new superpower, which they referred to as “Harley Vision.” Essentially, the movie will present the world as seen by means of Harley’s eyes – a brilliant and colourful fantasy filter that may give her a kind of sensory enhancement in fight. Read what Safran and Mickle need to say beneath:


Mickle: “So that’s a concept that we’re going to look at and see how it plays out. However, it is said that ‘Harley Vision’ is how she sees the world and things, it could include cartoon flowers and tweety birds for example. We tried with concept drawings to see what it would look like and how we would portray it in the movie because she was really happy to hear this. Although I only use it sometimes, I find it very useful.”

Safran: “It’s the contrast of that expression with the extremely violent action scenario that occurred as part of her escape.”

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While not a superpower within the conventional sense, Harley’s quirky perspective on the world is unquestionably an enormous a part of her character and audacity. Suicide Squad will likely be Robbie’s third DCEU movie as Harley Quinn, following her function in Suicide Squad authentic and in Birds of Prey. The second movie, which options Robbie within the lead function, is likely one of the DCEU’s greatest critically acclaimed movies to this point. Robbie’s Harley has been virtually universally acclaimed in a sequence that has confronted a lot criticism and battle all through its existence, and her dramatic evolution in habits and worldview. Character’s particular is the primary motive for that.

This looks as if the rationale for her to be one of many characters of Suicide Squad from the start. The new film appears to be increasing on the DCEU character Harley in partaking and fascinating methods, like her artistic choice to painting her “Harley Vision.” If the movie goals to proceed to place Harley as certainly one of its main characters, then constructing on her distinctive character and strengths will likely be key. Fans will be capable to sit up for the return of Harley Quinn when The Suicide Squad Released on August sixth.

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