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Review of the well-known joo’s solar film

by Thor

Review of the film joo’s solar a movie from the land of kimchi, with a manly ending for the viewer, a composite movie with many stunning girls and boys who’re actors of Korean cinema.

Review of the film joo’s solar

Review of the famous joo's sun movie
Review of the film joo’s solar

Review of the principle actor joo’s solar film

  • So Ji-seob as Ju Jung-won (Chu Trung Nguyen).
  • Gong Hyo-jin shoulder Tae Gong-sil (Thai Cung Ti).
  • search engine optimisation In-guk shoulder Kang Woo (Kuong Vu): Gong-sil’s new neighbor, working as a Security Manager in Kingdom, however has nice doubts about his identification and function of becoming a member of the Kingdom.
  • Kim Yu-ri shoulder Tae I-ryeong (Thai Y Linh): Popular mannequin, former classmate of Gong-sil. During the time Gong-sil was nicknamed “Big sun” then I-ryeong’s nickname is “Little Sun” makes her uncomfortable.

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Supporting actor

  • Choi Jeong-woo shoulder Kim Gwi-do (Kim Quy Dao): Jung-won’s secretary.
  • Kim Mi-gyeong shoulder Ju Seong-ran (Chu Thanh Lan): Jung-won’s aunt.
  • Lee Jong-won shoulder Do Seok-cheol (Dao Tich Triet): Deputy director of Kingdom, husband of Ju Seong-ran.
  • Park Hui-bon shoulder Tae Gong-ri (Thai Cung Loi): Gong-sil’s sister.
  • Lee Do-hyeon shoulder Lee Seung-mo (Ly Thua Mo): The boy typically goes to Gong-sil’s home to eat when his mom is away.
  • Hong Eun-taek shoulder Lee Seung-jun (Ly Thua Tuan): The boy typically goes to Gong-sil’s home to eat when his mom is away.
  • Kim Myeong-su shoulder Ju Jung-won (highschool).
  • Han Bom-eun shoulder Cha Hui-ju (Father Hy Chau): Jung-won’s highschool girlfriend and old flame.


  • Jin I-han as Yu Hye-seong (Liu Tue Tinh): Famous soccer participant, ex-fiance of Tae I-ryeong.
  • Song Min-jeong shoulder Kim Mi-gyeong (Kim My Kinh): Yu Hye-seong’s ex-lover.
  • Bang Min-a shoulder Lee Ga-yeong (Li Gia Anh): High college lady, classmate of the ghost lady scholar Lee Eun-seol.

A humorous and touching story

Joo’s Sun It’s a film that makes me snort, however I adore it greater than a joke to calm down. This is a narrative about love, and past love between women and men, is the love of household, family members, love between individuals. Interspersed with humorous conditions within the movie, every episode is a narrative about ghosts, souls nonetheless lingering on the planet as a result of they haven’t fulfilled their needs or have lingering emotions about life.

Every story about ghosts

Both make viewers suppose or transfer: the story of a pair in love however the boy doesn’t know that his lover has died of a severe sickness; the story of a lifeless mom who couldn’t bear to flee when she witnessed her son getting drunk daily; and even the story of a soul… The canine remains to be with the proprietor who cares about it…

Screenplay of the film

The script of this film in the meanwhile might be mentioned to be not new, however I imagine in 2013 it’s actually very contemporary by exploiting the theme of religious ghosts. The movie’s storytelling can be very artistic, every episode is a ghost hunt. In addition to the large plot, which is the love story between the 2 predominant characters, which spreads and grows by means of every episode, every small story in every episode about demonic (or human) fates is written in an elaborate approach. logical and concise.

Vietsub + Kara]Touch Love (Master's Sun OST) - Yoon Mi Rae - Joo's Sun OST - YouTube
Screenplay of the film

Review of joo n’s solar filmMany of them are actually touching and humane (to this point I’m notably impressed by the case of the ghost of the schoolgirl on the fountain, the Ghost of the Giant Supermarket President and the Ghost of the Artist’s spouse. piano). Because of that, the movie shouldn’t be boring however all the time engaging, stimulating the viewers’ curiosity by means of every episode.

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So Ji Sub – Gong Hyo Jin and flawless chemistry

The success of The Master’s Sun – Joo’s Sun An vital half is due to the chemistry of the duo So Ji Sub – Gong Hyo Jin on the display. Not the everyday “young man and woman” couple seen in Korean movies, the attraction of this couple comes from their predestined relationship with performing and their love for one another.

First time performing in a comedy-romantic film

So Ji Sub captivated the viewers by performing “naturally in technique”. There is a sense that every one of his actions are extraordinarily instinctive, however in truth, they’re all gathered from the performing methods of a proficient, succesful actor and severe coaching.

Joo's Sun Full HD (2016) Vietsub, Voiceover |  Full Movie New
First time performing in a comedy-romantic film

Review of the film joo’s solar So Ji Sub himself shared that he confronted loads of stress when he first tried the comedy-romantic style, so he fastidiously ready the position for a very long time in addition to practiced each small gesture and motion. each time you step in. So Ji Sub can be extraordinarily attentive to the small actions in performing however brings nice outcomes, such because the particular function of “acting hands” or eye actions, mouth…

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