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What sort of character is Ravonna Renslayer in ‘Loki’?

by Thor

According to the comics, whereas Kang was on his method to conquer all of the kingdoms, he deserted one place simply because he fell in love with Ravonna. Although Ravonna Renslayer is a princess within the story, and with none superpowers, she is superb at hand-to-hand fight.

In the tip, Ravonna employed the Avengers to take down Kang, and once they could not, one in all Kang’s generals tried to kill Ravonna. As Kang fell head over heels in love along with her, he joined the Avengers and joined them in opposition to the overall and the military. Finally, when this common made his final shot at Kang, after which Ravonna jumped in to sacrifice to save lots of him.

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