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Ngu Quy 5 SIM – Nice digital SIM with great price at TOPSIM.vn

by Thor

Many people always wonder if Sim Ngu Quy 5 really brings fortune and luck to the owner as rumored? The content of the article we will give you the most appropriate answer.

1. How is Sim Ngu Quy 5?

Sim Ngu Quy 5 The beautiful digital sim line has a consecutive repetition of five 5s standing next to each other at the end of the sim number, creating the beauty of a different luxury and class. It is the five numbers that stand next to each other to create a solid sim, extremely memorable and impressive, making anyone admire. And it is the repetition that creates the authority sim number – what people are looking for.

This Sim line is divided into 2 specific types as follows:

Sim Ngu Quy 5

Beautiful sim number Ngu Quy 5

2. What does the Five Quarter 5 SIM card mean?

In feng shui, the fifth quarter sim is classified as a LIVE sim, which means that the sim itself helps to strengthen and multiply fortune and luck for the owner. Why do I say that? That’s because the number 5 stands in the middle of a series of natural numbers, it represents the five elements (Kim – Moc – Water – Fire – Earth), the noble man has (Human – Nghia – Le – Tri – Faith), in life there is Five blessings (Phuc, Loc, Tho, Khang, Ninh). Those are the 5 elements for a life of harmony, peace, and well-being. Because of that, feng shui experts affirm that having a beautiful sim number 55555 is having harmony, convenience, and peace in life and career to quickly succeed and progress to the highest positions.

Moreover, the number 5 also has the meaning of “birth”, when the year of 5 stands next to each other, it creates the five quarters 55555, bringing birth in the year, prosperous development and eternal happiness in the world. It is the aspiration of all mankind.

3. How should the SIM Five Quarter 5 be selected?

Sim Ngu Quy 5 1

How to choose Sim Ngu Quy 5

3.1. Select by number

  • Choose a meaningful number

    • Choosing a meaningful number for Sim Ngu Quy 4 is a way to make it more attractive and memorable such as: 088 (Vuong Phat), 086 (Phat Loc), 089 (Permanent Phat), ….

    • For example: 0888.00.77.44, 0833228844,,….

  • Choose a stock number: Owning an antique number will help your business work smoothly and have more luck. So you can choose the old numbers like: 090, 091, 098, 097.

3.2. Choose by price range

  • Price range under 100 million: At this price, you can choose the 55555 tail combination in the following ways:

    • Combined with normal numbers like 03, 07

    • Choosing Vietnamobile or Gmobile network operator is also a solution to help you own a beautiful and meaningful Ngu Quy 5 number.

    • Or you can combine the first number 03, 07 but combine with the number 4, 7 to help the number of sims have a softer price.

    • VD: 03687.55555 costs more than 95 million, 08780.55555 costs more than 88 million, …

  • Price range over 100 million: At this price you can choose from the following:

    • Combination of beautiful numbers: 083, 086, 088, 089,…

    • Combined with clusters of numbers Than Tai, Loc Phat, repeating numbers, …

    • VD: 03868.55555 for 280 million, 0835355555 for more than 189 million,…

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4. Where to buy Sim Ngu Quy 5?

If you are in need of buying yourself a Sim Ngu Quy 5 at a reasonable price, please quickly contact TOPSIM.vn to choose your desired sim number. TOPSIM.vn is an agent specializing in providing beautiful digital sims Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile, Gmobile, ITel. Buy a Sim here, you will be delivered to your home and register for free official information for customers nationwide.

4.1. A brief introduction about TOPSIM.vn

TOPSIM.vn – Website of the most prestigious and largest digital sim card in Vietnam, belonging to Top Sim Vietnam Joint Stock Company and known for the TOP SIM brand. Born in early 2012 with the aim of serving all customers who love beautiful sim cards and providing the perfect and best service to their customers.


Beautiful Sim warehouse at TOPSIM.vn

At TOPSIM.vn with more than 3O.OOO.OOO Current sim line with the presence of 6 Vietnamese carriers: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone, Vietnamobile, Gmobile and ITel. You are free to choose the sim card that suits you best.

TOPSIM.vn – The beautiful digital sim website is always changing and improving the service style, bringing the perfect and best service to its customers. Especially after-sales service is upgraded, with customer-oriented policies.

4.2. How to find Five Quarters on TOPSIM.vn website

You can search for Sim Ngu Quy 5 by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage: https://topsim.vn/

  • Step 2: Click in the search box below the page menu. Here you enter the phone number you want to find and press Search. (You should read the instructions, after clicking on the search box the instructions will jump up, take a close look at the instructions to help you find more ways to find the right sim)

    • In the search box, enter the 5 Quarters you want to find, for example: *55555

    • Or you want to choose by the beginning and ending of the desired number, you can enter: 09*55555, 08*55555, etc.

  • Step 3: After pressing the Search button on the screen, a list of sims you want to search will appear on the screen.

  • Step 4: When choosing a sim, click Order or click on the phone number to order a sim and fill in all the information so that we can contact you to deliver the sim. Or you can call the hotline to contact the staff to place the order.

Contact to buy sim now:


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