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Ice-cold male leads make girls fall in love

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Character building is one of the important factors that create success in a movie. Romance fans often like the handsome, rich and special character of the male lead. The charismatic general is a great choice for that male lead image. Let’s review the movie to review the series cold male lead movie like ice, making many girls cry.

Sam Sam Is Coming

The film is adapted from the romance novel Sam Sam Came Here Ẳn Ne by the famous writer Co Man. As soon as it was broadcast, the film quickly made waves in many Asian countries. Including our country. At the same time, the film also won many admirable awards.

Sam Sam Came Then tells the love story of the cold boss Phong Dang. And the cute employee Xue Shan Shan. Two known people from two completely opposite worlds are accidentally drawn into each other. Create humorous and equally tear-jerking situations.

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cold male lead movie

Film adaptation of writer Co Man's novel airs in Vietnam - VnExpress Entertainment

In the movie Phong Dang captivates female fans thanks to his handsome and tall appearance. And especially his sunny smile. Even though he was young, he was the CEO of a large corporation named after him and a huge fortune. Not only that, his personality is also very cute. On the outside, it always looks cold. However, inside he is a humorous person and likes to tease others.

Diamond Lover

The film with the character Tieu Luong is the ideal man of many girls. Not only young and handsome, but he is also a general manager of a reputable diamond business. Although very successful and charismatic. However, he has a closed mind, difficult to understand.

cold male lead movie

Diamond lover: A breakthrough in the portrait of a woman

The film tells the love story full of contradictions of president Tieu Luong and Mi Duo. His life is officially turned upside down when he meets the fat girl Me Duo. With a weight of nearly 100kg, always have to live in the ridicule of everyone around. In a traffic accident, she decided to have plastic surgery to become more beautiful. And can pursue his love with Tieu Luong. Their love story is a vicious circle between 4 people: Tieu Luong – Me Doa – Cao Dich Minh and Cao Van.

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Love You At First Sight

Love You At First Sight is also adapted based on a love novel by female writer Co Man (author Together For Life, Sam Sam Come Here, Come on…). The film is a humorous and romantic love story between the “school beauty” Bei Vy Vy. And the “male god” guy Tieu Nai.

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Two people know each other through an online game. And from the predestined relationship in that virtual world, their real-life love story also begins. With super glitter shape of the main character couple. Also make the most of anecdotes. Just like the classic scenes in the novel, impressively recreated. The film has created great resonance not only at home but also abroad.

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Love You From First Sight closes with an ending that could not be more satisfying. When the “great minister” Tieu Nai (Duong Duong) and Bei Vy Vy (Trinh Sang) “return to the same house”. This is a romantic and sweet ending, enough to please many fans. During its broadcast, Love You at First Sight turned into one of the hottest dramas. The rate of followers via radio and online is always at an extremely high level, far ahead of many other competitors.

Here are the sets cold male lead movie China is the best that the article can synthesize. Please take the time to relax with these movies.

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