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What did international experts say after the early screening of “Cruella”?

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Some people praised Emma Stone as “mlem mlem”, while others frankly criticized the limited parts of the upcoming blockbuster “Cruella”.

Cruella opens May 28 in theaters and simultaneously on Disney+ with Premier Access, but some critics have seen the film’s early screenings and are sharing their thoughts on social media. Let’s see what they are saying about “Cruella”:

Sarah El-Mahmoud from CinemaBlend was somewhat disappointed with the film, thinking Cruella was too forced. But she pointed out that the work very faithfully reproduces the characteristics of 70s fashion. The cast is unique. She also praised Emma Stone’s performance, noting that Emma’s performance really gave her “goosebumps”.

Variety’s Jazz Tangcay prefers Cruella a bit more. She praised the performances of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson as well as the soundtrack, and commented that the film was “so amazing and stunning”.

Joel Meares, editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes, also praised the work. He applauded the film for subtly highlighting the LGBTQ+ element, as well as joking that the film “slapped me really hard in the face, and it was still red a day later.” Overall, Joel feels super excited about the movie!

Praise for the film’s LGBTQ+ symbolism was also praised by Grace Randolph, a member of the Critics’ Choice Association.

Simon Thompson, who is credited with Forbes and Variety, called the Emma Stone-led film “mlem” and praised the actress’ performance. He also appreciated the visuals and cinematography, and thanked other members of the cast, such as Emma Thompson, for a job well done.

Fandango’s Erik Davis called Emma Stone and Emma Thompson “particularly evil and funny.” He compared the comedy to a Disney version of the movie “Devil Wears Prada” and also praised the costumes and soundtrack.

It seems that critics were impressed with the performance of the Emma duo – Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Let’s wait and see how “Cruella” will conquer the audience on May 28!

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