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Will Spider-Man and Venom be “crossover” soon?

by hay

A detective is reading a newspaper in one scene, whose name is The Daily Bugle. This is the same newspaper that recruited both Peter Parker and Eddie Brock while the character was in New York City.

In the current Venom universe, we have yet to see and do not know if Brock will come to Manhattan or not. But in the first ‘Venom’ movie, the astronaut who brought back the alien parasite was named John Jameson, and in the Spider-Man stories, he is the son of J. Jonah Jameson – the editor of the series. Daily Bugle editorial office. Is there a J. Jonah Jameson in this world, and would he hire Spider-Man to work for him?

Some fans even think that if you stop the frame right away when the detective is twirling the newspaper, you can see a headline written about the Avengers.

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