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Disney sued for “stealing” the design of Iron Man for the MCU?

by hay

According to a report by CTV News, another lawsuit from Horizon Comics against Disney and Marvel Entertainment was filed (this time in Quebec) just a few weeks ago. This new lawsuit combines evidence with a lawsuit from 2013, alleging that since ‘Iron Man 3’, other MCU movies have featured an Iron Man character, especially 2018’s ‘Infinity War’, “involving continue to appropriate the works of Horizon”. The Lai brothers allege that the armor from ‘Iron Man 3’ resembles the removed Caliban character, but the new armor in Infinity War is very similar to Radix’s Maxwell character. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the costumes of other Marvel characters such as Ant-Man and Wasp in the comics also use designs of military characters from Radix 2.

It’s not too hard to imagine, considering that the Lai brothers have worked with Marvel before. The success of the Radix brought the Lai brothers to fame in the industry in the US, leading to Marvel contacting them to work with them but were initially turned down.

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