Scorpion with Two Tails

Scorpion with Two Tails (1982)

Scorpion with Two Tails
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Đạo diễn: Sergio Martino
Thể loại: Horror
Thời lượng: 0 phút
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Số tập: 1 tập
Khởi chiếu: 17/09/1982
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Scorpion with Two Tails Synopsis

Joan Barnard (Elvire Audray, AMAZONIA: THE KATHERINE MILES STORY), wife of archeologist Arthur Barnard (John Saxon, ENTER THE DRAGON), is being plagued by nightmares of ritualistic deaths within an ancient Etruscan tomb. Unsettling as they are, these dreams have also been unconsciously providing Joan with detailed knowledge of a lost temple that her husband has only just recently discovered. While talking on the phone about her violent and vivid dreams, Joan's life is forever altered, as she is forced to listen as her husband is murdered, his head nearly twisted off. Determined to uncover her husband's killer and get to the bottom of her hallucinogenic, maggot infested visions, Joan travels to the site of Arthur’s most recent excavation, escorted by her friend and colleague Mike Grant (Paolo Malco, THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY) uncovering a web of murder and mysticism.

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